The Story of Manny Pacquiao

By Carlos Caicedo

The Story of Manny Pacquiao begins in General Santos City, Philippines. He was born on December 17th, 1978. We can't begin telling the story of Manny Pacquiao without examining the hard life of Manny Pacquiao. He was born into devastating poverty and was forced to work at a very young age after his father left the family for another woman.

Manny Pacquiao worked in the hardcore streets of General Santos City selling breads and other bakery goods. Those same streets helped in the development of the tough and relentless individual we see in the ring today. Also known as Pacman do to the way he gobbles up his rivals in the ring, Manny began fighting for a few dollars in the streets. These fights were brutal but soon Manny Pacquiao gained a reputation for being a very tough fighter, and showing incredible grit and determination when fighting opponents that were much larger than him. Even at a young age Manny displayed the speed and left handed power that has made him one of the most exciting boxers of his era.

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